Our commitment

By entrusting your work to EYE you will get a service of quality.
We are committed to a professional approach in everything we do : design, schematics, equipment installation,
cabling, commissioning and parameterisation.
Afterwards, we will also be there to assist you. We will let our documentation base and knowledge of the equipment
we install at your disposal to help you if you need it.

En confiant vos travaux à EYE vous obtiendrez un service de qualité.
Nous nous engageons à une démarche professionnelle dans tout ce que nous faisons : concept, schémas, installation des équipements, câblage, mise en service et paramétrage.
Par la suite, nous serons également présents pour vous assister. Nous mettrons à votre disposition notre base de documentation et notre connaissance des matériels que nous installons pour vous aider en cas de besoin.


EYE is specialized in design
and realization of complete
electric systems, also power
systems (complementary
alternators generators, various
types of batteries), navigation
electronic (radar, GPS,
autopilots …), as multiplexing
bus systems for the optimal
management of all electric

Once works are achieved, our
team informs you about the
material functioning. We give
you the tips to use it and
eventually the documents
coming within the installed

Maintenance & Service

EYE provides the after-sale
service and maintenance of your
yacht whatever their brand equipments :

Navigation electronic,
communication systems, energy
distribution and management,
watermaker etc.

Our company is commited to
stay your yachting partner.

EYE is proud of the high
quality lever of all the realized

Mise à niveau des installations

You have a travel project
and want to prepare your

Here we are to guide you
in the choice of batteries,
generators, solar panels,
and any other equipment
necessary for your sailing

We can change your
navigation electronics for
the latest generation

We can provide you the
installation of your
satellite communication